Why Positioning Your Messaging Is Vital for Your Business (And The Three Steps You Need to Follow)

company value customer perception customer perspective customer value positioning scaling value May 13, 2022

Sustainable growth has as much to do with navigating your finances as it does with messaging. You must resonate with your audience to have an impact and increase your financial performance.

The reality is, you need to set the scene before you can go to the next level and scale your business exponentially. And what you need to make it happen is a thorough understanding of why you brought your business into existence. 

Why do you enjoy doing what you do? What would make people value your offer?

This might seem like a simple undertaking, but you'd be surprised how many business owners get it wrong. 

The fact is, a shallow explanation isn't enough to position your organization as the authority in your market. Knowing your what and why are crucial steps for clarifying your strategy. And this is vital for focusing your organization in the right direction.

Maybe you're a bit uncertain of where you stand. The good news is that the three steps in this article will shine a light on what you have to do before creating a growth strategy.

These steps have everything to do with how you reach out and how customers receive and resonate with your messaging.

The Three Steps

Step #1 - Understanding Your What

This is a key part of creating messaging that resonates.


Knowing your what means understanding the offer that's on the table. It's about clarity on the perceived outcome and the actual results that have meaning for people who consume from you - the people who buy from and work with you.

Take our company, for example. 

The offer is that we do tax services, which implies the tangible outcome of getting your taxes filed.

But here's the meaningful outcome: People get to sleep at night knowing they don't have filing obligations and everything's handled professionally.

Another meaningful outcome is using those tax returns to get an advantageous mortgage. 

The meaningful outcome here, or the what, goes beyond finance. It can be everything from financing to getting resources to buy a new home to knowing your future and living your dream life.

Let's look at another example.

People buy virtual CFO services. It’s because many business owners don't clarify their finances or perhaps lack a knowledgeable partner.

With a virtual CFO, getting a partner and clarity are tangible outcomes. But when it comes to meaningful outcomes, it goes deeper.

A virtual CFO can provide analysis and strategy on how to grow the business. They can offer a roadmap, guidance, and step-by-step instructions on reaching your future targets.

But what's the takeaway here?

The idea of doing taxes isn't exciting. Yet the meaningful outcomes that come from that are highly valuable.

That's the what portion of your offer that you need to emphasize in your messaging. Your clients and customers want to buy meaningful outcomes from you.

In our case, people expect us to file their taxes when they buy our service.

But they're really hoping to buy more. 

They're buying their future home financing, peace of mind, and access to the resources to support their dream lives.

Step #2 - Clarify Your Offers

You might have more than one offer, as we and other businesses often do. And if you want your message to resonate, you must start going through all your individual offers.

Outline each one inside your business and figure out what people are actually buying from you.

Make sure to specify your offers by their names. Then, detail all the benefits and meaningful outcomes your customers or clients will get from each offer.

This will give you more clarity on the what that people are buying. And this is how you gain an understanding into the purpose and the offering as it relates to your sale of products and services.

The clearer these offers are, the better you can position the value of what customers stand to receive in your messaging.

Once you're done with that, you'll be ready for the next step.

Step #3 - Understand Your Why 

After understanding your what, you must focus on understanding your why

So, what exactly is it?

Your why is your purpose or your mission. It's what you're trying to accomplish inside your business. After all, how can you begin to figure out how to accomplish it if you don't know what you're trying to do?

So, ask yourself why you started your business. What was its purpose?

Now, understand that this can change over time. Your why can evolve, but you still need to identify its origins.

Then, you'll want to look at it from the customer's perspective.

Why did your customers and clients buy from your company? Why did they stay? And why are they still staying?

The idea here is to identify the purpose and how it was created. 

If that purpose still exists, you have to figure out if you're still driven by that why. You have to understand if your values still align with your purpose and if you're still delivering.

Are your goals still aligned? Do your customers know your mission? And do they feel that you're delivering on your purpose and promise?

Because here's the thing…

Often, people don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it when your purpose and mission are aligned with those you choose to serve.

Being clear on your purpose will allow you to keep it aligned with your customers' values, so they'll keep coming back for more.

You're In Control of Your Customer's Perception

You can't expect to clarify to anyone who you are as an organization without understanding it yourself first and foremost.

The reality is that many businesses operate from a chaotic space. They're unclear on their mission, how it fits into the market demand, what clients appreciate and expect.

You can't let these things happen to your business.

So, know your what and why. Outline these things. Then, define and present them to your customers by emphasizing what they're interested in the most.

Align your company values with those of your market to position yourself as the authority and keep people coming back.


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