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Episode 10: Taking the Leap: Overcoming Fear and Doubt with Michaela Kealey

Episode 10: Taking the Leap: Overcoming Fear and Doubt with Michaela Kealey

business growth doubt fear financial success mindset shift podcast self doubt Aug 22, 2023

Entrepreneurship is a journey marked by uncertainty, and fear often comes knocking at our doors. Whether it's the fear of financial instability, the fear of failure, or the fear of the unknown, it's something we all grapple with. 

But here's the twist: fear isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a signal that you're pushing boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

In this episode, Bob is joined by Michaela Kealey to explore how embracing fear and using it as a motivator can lead to incredible personal and professional growth.

Aligning one's purpose with fear can mitigate its impact, fostering focus on a mission-driven approach. While profitability remains integral for sustainability, the podcast emphasizes the synergy between profit and purpose for lasting impact.

Sharing vulnerabilities and challenges as an entrepreneur fosters unity, confidence, and growth within the community. Overcoming self-doubt involves recognizing the narratives we tell ourselves and seeking support from trusted individuals. Celebrating minor victories and reflecting on progress fuels ongoing momentum, even amidst adversity.

Fear and self-doubt may be part of the package, but by acknowledging their presence and using them to propel us forward, we can redefine our limits and create success beyond our expectations.

Tune in now as we explore the intricacies of fear, self-doubt, and the pathways to embracing them as catalysts for growth. 

Remember, the journey to success is a continuous evolution, and these insights might just help you conquer your own mountains.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 03:36 What is the Difference Between Fear and Excitement?
  • 09:09 How Interest Rates Impact Your Financial Freedom
  • 15:38 How to Break Through the Barriers of Fear
  • 21:12 Pushing Through the Discomfort 
  • 23:51 Once You Know It, There's No Going Back
  • 35:06 The Number One Focus in Business
  • 41:20 How to Create a Boring Business
  • 44:15 Emotional Rollercoaster
  • 49:30 Embrace the Base of Adversity
  • 55:41 Celebrate the Progress


About the Guest:

Michaela Kealey is a seasoned Culture Strategist and Well-Being Coach with extensive experience in fostering high-performing, remote cultures that pioneer the future of work. With a skillset encompassing ICF coaching, leadership, facilitation, and workshops, she empowers progressive leaders to lead with passion, purpose, and care. As a dedicated Well-Being Coach, Michaela guides individuals in navigating a productivity-obsessed culture, helping them find inner solace and authenticity amidst external pressures.

Connect with Michaela:




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