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Episode 11: Scaling Success with Systems and Processes with Alex Charfen

Episode 11: Scaling Success with Systems and Processes with Alex Charfen

business entrepreneur financial success podcast smart goals successful entrepreneur wealthy entrepreneur Aug 29, 2023

Society's perception of 'normal' has led to a biased labeling of those who don't conform as 'broken,' when in reality, it's often these 'broken' individuals who drive innovation and change.

Society tends to focus on identifying weaknesses in individuals, driven by the psychiatric industry and corporate giants like the pharmaceutical and food industries. The concept of the entrepreneurial personality type challenges this bias and highlights the strengths of those wired differently.

In this episode, our host, Bob and Alex Charfen who is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach, dive deep into the concept of the entrepreneurial personality type, exploring how individuals wired for success often feel different, and how they can harness their uniqueness to create a massive impact in the world. Alex sheds light on the challenges entrepreneurs face, the biases of society, and the power of embracing process and structure.

Being in momentum is described as feeling alive, while being out of momentum can feel like dying. Successful people experience cycles of momentum and self-destruction; understanding these patterns can prevent negative spirals. 

Entrepreneurial businesses can struggle with growth due to a focus on constantly changing and a lack of stability. Creating a "boring" business with stable processes can lead to sustained growth and opportunity for all team members.

Finding a supportive community can help entrepreneurs feel understood and empowered. Successful individuals who defied societal norms are examples of the potential for positive change.

Tune in now to explore the nuances of the entrepreneurial personality type with Alex Charfen. Remember, embracing your uniqueness and aligning with your innate traits can lead to remarkable success and world-changing contributions. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • 00:00 Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 06:03 Why Are the People Who Change the World Different?
  • 11:32 When We Lower Pressure and Noise in Our Lives
  • 14:26 Entrepreneurship is Like Nervous System Regulation
  • 17:23 Why Do We Feel Broken as Entrepreneurs?
  • 22:54 The Science Behind Momentum
  • 26:04 How to Create a Boring Business
  • 33:53 Psychological Conditioning for Entrepreneurs
  • 37:17 The Importance of Prioritization
  • 40:41 How to Build Trust With Your Team
  • 47:08 The Shift From Personality-run Businesses to Process Run Businesses
  • 49:52 Advice to Other Entrepreneurial Types


About the Guest:

Alex Charfen is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach with over three decades of experience in the business world. He's dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with six-, seven-, and eight-figure businesses in their growth and scaling endeavors.

Alex's journey began early when he became a Fortune 500 consultant in his twenties, working with some of the world's most successful individuals. He later ventured into Florida's real estate market, experiencing both prosperity and financial challenges. After a setback that led to bankruptcy, he and his wife, Cadey, bounced back by creating the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) program, working with major lenders and real estate brokerages. This experience paved the way for CHARFEN, a company aimed at helping small businesses grow and scale rapidly.

Alex's inspiring story has been featured in publications like Success, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine, and he's been interviewed by major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, and more. He's now recognized as a leading expert in guiding entrepreneurs through the Billionaire Code and strategic planning.


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