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Episode 13: Mastering Lead Conversion: An Interview with Cody May of Sheridan Street

Episode 13: Mastering Lead Conversion: An Interview with Cody May of Sheridan Street

lead conversion lead generation marketing strategies podcast real estate Sep 12, 2023

In the realm of business, one fundamental core belief stands out: all conversion happens in conversation. The ability to engage, follow up, and establish connections through dialogue is pivotal in driving success. 

Today, Bob sits down with thought leader Cody and unravels his journey, insights, and expertise. As the founder of Sheridan St., a pioneering company fostering leads for real estate agents and service businesses, Cody brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Together, they journey through the landscape of successful lead generation, unearthing the power of conversations and the nuances of sales compensation.

Imagine lead generation as a symphony of dialogue. It's not just about collecting leads; it's the art of nurturing them through strategic partnerships, diverse communication channels, and tailored follow-ups. This orchestration leads to conversions.

In today's digital era, owning a diversified database is paramount. Relying solely on platforms like Instagram can be risky. The key is to have conversations across channels, safeguarding against sudden disruptions.

Adaptability shines brightest during economic shifts. Real estate and other sectors must recalibrate. Weathering storms requires fortified resources and innovative revenue streams.

Join us on this insightful journey as we explore how conversations truly are the cornerstone of conversion. 

Are you ready to turn your leads into lifelong customers? Tune in now!


Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 02:46 Introduction to the Market
  • 07:29 Building a Business Around the Lifestyle That You Want
  • 12:40 The Difference Between Thinking Small and Thinking Big
  • 16:42 Pipeline Business
  • 20:28 The Value of Strategic Partnerships
  • 25:20 The Importance of Following Up on Leads
  • 30:38 Why Agents Get Into the Real Estate Space?
  • 25:42 The Only Way to Beat the Market

About the Guest:

Cody May is the CEO of Sheridan St., the premier lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate professionals. With over 5 years of visionary leadership, Cody has propelled Sheridan St. to unparalleled success since October 2017. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Cody's agency specializes in empowering real estate agents and teams with personalized support, ensuring they secure appointments, live transfers, and in-person showings through the "DEDICATED APPOINTMENT ENGINE." His dedication and innovation have made Cody a prominent figure in revolutionizing real estate business growth.


Connect with Cody:




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