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Episode 47: The Evolution of Events: Virtual, Hybrid, and Beyond with Shay Wheat

Episode 47: The Evolution of Events: Virtual, Hybrid, and Beyond with Shay Wheat

event event planning hybrid event personal event podcast virtual event May 07, 2024

In this episode, our host Bob chats with Shay, an expert in event production with over a decade of experience. They discuss the significance of owning your stage, either by hosting your own events or speaking at others'. Shay shares insights from her start at a major conference for Dr. Oz’s nonprofit and how such roles enhance professional stature and open new doors.

The conversation also covers the shift from in-person to virtual events, underscoring their importance in today's digital landscape. Shay offers practical tips on navigating the complexities of event planning and engaging audiences effectively.

Tune in for this engaging discussion on leveraging events for career growth and exposure. Don't miss out on learning from Shay's extensive experience to elevate your professional journey.


Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 05:26 Event Planning, Marketing, and Execution
  • 10:36 Event Planning, Marketing, and Logistics.
  • 15:11 Event Planning, Technology, and Engagement Strategies.
  • 20:27 Hybrid Events, in-person Vs Online, and Event Planning Strategies.
  • 26:18 Impact of Events on People's Lives, With a Focus on Financial and Global Impact.
  • 31:39 Hosting Events to Build Authority and Increase Business Impact.

About the Guest:

Shay Wheat is a Certified Event Producer™ and CEO of Grace & Ease Productions, Inc., a company specializing in both in-person and virtual events. Their programs, such as “The Powerful Event Process” and “The Ultimate Event Planner Certification Program,” have led clients to generate over $24 million in revenue. Shay's team expertly manages all aspects of event planning and production, collaborating with notable figures like Dr. Oz and Lisa Nichols to host transformative events for thousands of attendees.

Connect with Shay:



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