To Founders, CEOs, Growth Hungry Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

I'm Going To Show You How To Build And Scale Your Million Dollar Year Team In 2023!

Our team will pull back the curtains to share insights and strategies we've gained throughout our personal journey building and managing One of Canada's and America's Fastest Growing Companies, including:

Resistance, friction and growing pains

Trials and tribulations case studies

Planning tools and processes

... and so much more.

This full day business training is going to be packed full of learnings.   

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Join us at the Ascent Summit led by experienced and practiced leaders who have been where you are now - to get the tools and insights you need to achieve success!

This full-day virtual event brings together business owners and entrepreneurs looking for the best strategies that will help profoundly transform their ventures into scalable and valuable businesses. 

What We'll Be Covering:

Budgeting For The Growth of Your Business with Robert Gauvreau

This session explores how to create and structure an annual budget that enables long-term growth, allowing you to bring in more resources and remain cash positive.

Say goodbye to feeling cash restricted and hello to reaching new heights of success.

You’ll learn strategies on investing the right amount, forecasting the future of your business, optimizing to ignite the fire of progression tomorrow.

Evolving Your Structure with Derek Kirton

In this session participants will be exploring key roles within a business and how each role's strength and focus are essential in order for your business to operate effectively. You’ll learn from Ops Specialist, Derek Kirton, about how marketing, sales, operations, human resources, and other key roles all work together to create a successful organization.

Are you ready to dive deep into role discovery and learn how leveraging each role's strengths can help transform your business? Derek will provide helpful advice about gradually introducing these roles into your business under a unified front.

Overcoming Fear & Uncertainty with Michaela Kealey 

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?

Take your business to unprecedented heights with this session presented by Culture Strategist and Well-Being Coach Michaela Kealey! This sessions is the perfect opportunity for business leaders like you! Michaela will arm you with powerful mindset tools that help prepare for uncertainty and fear. Discover how to become a more confident, reliable leader that brings out the best in their team.

Eliminate Owner Dependence with Robert Gauvreau

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business? You know what it takes to keep your business running, but the idea of relinquishing control can feel overwhelming. That’s why this is a must attend session for any entrepreneur seeking relief!

Throughout this session you  will identify which tasks fully leverage your skills and create more long-term impact. Furthermore, it will outline which tasks should be delegated and taken off your plate so you can stay focused on the critical projects pertaining to your unique vision.

Gear Up For Accountability with Victoria Peters

At some stage in the growth of your business, you'll find that accountability may start to drop off. You may sense a tension between achieving goals and preserving a safe and encouraging work environment. That's where Growth Strategist, Victoria Peters comes in.

This session is designed to enable both accountabilitiy and an inspiring workplace culture. Through this session, you'll learn how to create clear expectations while validating and empowering your team members; you'll also discover practical processes for setting up each individual on the team for success, alongside ways to track and measure progress.

Gear Up For Innovation with Josh Veldman

Exploring new ideas and adopting innovated processes can be daunting for any business owner—but Innovation Strategist, Josh Veldman, is here to help put those fears to rest.

Josh is committed to identifying, evaluating and optimizing processes. He understands the effectiveness of leveraging current tools while proposing new and innovative ways to contribute to the success of your organization.

The “set-it-and-forget-it” approach is a thing of the past. Start maximizing the effectiveness of your organization and processes today!

You Ascent Summit Host, Tiffany Arcari

As the Million Dollar Year Community Manager, Tiffany thrives on human connection and bringing people together. So it should be of no surprise that Tiffany will be active in helping you stay energized and organized at this years Ascent Summit.  

Tiffany is passionate about motivating and helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Her kind yet firm guidance will push you to explore new frontiers. You'll quickly recognize her as one of your biggest supporter in living a life that is full of resiliency and courage.

Creating a Powerful Company Culture with Michaela Kealey

At its core, company culture focuses on the values, behaviours, and attitudes that shape your business. It’s much more than a list of slogans or a swanky office space—it’s how you foster meaning and motivate employees by drawing everyone together.

During this session Michaela Kealey, will take you through how to build a strong, positive culture where employees are excited about their job and passionate about the mission of the company. This is crucial to drive employee engagement and productivity, improve decision-making, boost wellbeing and increase employee retention.

Group Benefits: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent with Dan Moloney

Are you looking for ways to attract and retain top talent for your business? During this session Dan Moloney will teach you how to leverage Group Benefits as a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

Together we’ll cover how to craft and implement a thoughtful benefits plan that meets the needs of both employers and employees. You’ll understand how a strong benefits plan can make a meaningful difference in your bottom line while providing invaluable support to those who help drive it—your workforce.

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Who Is The 2023 Ascent  Summit for?

If you are an ambitious entrepreneurs who want to scale your business, then this event is for you. We've helped Entrepreneurs across many industries achieve Financial Mastery in their business and life, including:

Artisans, Inventors, Startups & Entrepreneurs

Coaches, Consultants & Influencers

Construction & Contracting Business Owners

Healthcare Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Real Estate & Property Professionals

Legal Professionals

Tech & Software Professionals

Franchise Owners

Bar & Restaurant Owners

Travel & Tourisim Business Owners

Agribusiness  Owners

ECommerce Business Owner

And so many more industries ... 

Who Is Robert Gauvreau 

Why Should You Listen To Him

In 2007 Bob was doing audits at a Global Accounting Firm when he was called into the office of a Partner and told he would be the next partner at the firm. Despite having recently  purchased his first home, purchased his first car and with a baby on the way, the words that came out of his mouth were ... "I quit".

Bob knew he had so much more to offer the world and that his passion for helping business owners create greater impact couldn't be ignored. 

Fifteen years later, Bob is an award-winning FCPA and the Founding Partner of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, one of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies as recognized by The Globe and Mail, Maclean's and Financial Times. 

Bob’s passion for helping entrepreneurs led him to be recruited by Tony Robbin's as a Global Accounting Advisor. Now having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across North America, Bob has expanded his business advisory services with the goal of helping as many entrepreneurs as possible achieve financial success in business and in life. This expansion includes his best-selling book The Wealthy Entrepreneur, his coaching program the Ascent Peak Performance Program, his virtual event The Ascent Summit, and many new innovative solutions coming soon.      


Learn How Bob Demystifies Financial Success & Empowers  Entrepreneurs Through Financial Mastery  

Bob is a FCPA who works exclusively with entrepreneurs and professionals to help them make more money and gain financial clarity in their businesses. As a financial expert and author, Robert shares his insight and wisdom as a public speaker, is often cited in major business journals related to money, finances, and entrepreneurship, and works directly with more than 500 businesses across North America, helping them build a better business and generate greater financial performance.

At the Ascent Summit 2023 Bob will reveal his own learnings and insights on how to build a growth-oriented business.

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But, Don't Take My Word For It ...

Hear From Real Experiences


Brian Mark

Founder of PT Domination

Lisa Walczak

Partner & Creative Director of Walczak Design and Build

Cody May

Managing Partner of StudioPTBO

Brian Mark

Founder of PT Domination

Lisa Walczak

Partner & Creative Director of Walczak Design and Build

Cody May

Managing Partner of StudioPTBO
Taki Moore
Founder @ Million Dollar Coach

"Many coaches I train have worked with Bob to implement his Wealthy Entrepreneur framework and have exploded their communities, have 10x'd the impact of their communities, and have exponentially grown their profitability to achieve unprecedented financial results."

Giovanni Marsico
Founder/CEO @ Archangel

"If you're an entrepreneur looking to scale and want financial clarity and confidence in your business, you need this book. By implementing Bob's frameworks, it's like having a roadmap to success and bigger impact. Don't take this journey alone - you need Bob as your guide."

Chris Winfield
Founder @ Super Connector Media

"Bob is a miracle worker... he makes accounting and finances easy to understand. Bob is the go-to authority in this space. If you are serious about the financial success of your business, get his book and be prepared to turn your business into a profit centre."

My Promise To You?


If you commit the time and effort to deploy my methods, I virtually guarantee you success.

It doesn't need to take years. Or months. 

Just imagine: You'll be able to start experiencing the _____ you've always wanted. 

You'll return back to your business a changed person - hungrier and more focused than ever before.

You'll way away with a sense of clarity and purpose about 2023 - the year you build YOUR million dollar year team! 

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