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âś“Where you want your business to be

âś“What you must overcome inside your business

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In just 30 minutes, we will explain how the Million Dollar Year Peak Performance Program can help you get clear on the exact challenges you need to overcome to optimize your company's growth this year. And if they feels you can benefit from one of our private mastermind communities, they will extend an invite then. 

My passion is optimizing businesses. I love it.  I dream about it. 

And it’s often the first thought I have in the morning when I hop out of bed. 

I am obsessed with getting RESULTS. Which is why, when I ran an analysis of the results of clients who’ve used our tools and strategies, even I was shocked:

✓Profit: On average these businesses increased their net income by 50.7%. That’s their take home profit.

✓Cash balance: Cash on hand soared by 98.75% - that’s nearly double!

✓ Profit margin: Increased 11.03% driving more profit for every sale to the bottom line.  

✓And finally… Almost everybody we worked with achieved their million dollar year.

Here's what some of our coaching clients had to say...

This Million Dollar Year Discovery Call is perfect for you if you already own an impactful business and can relate to anyone of these statements:

 ✓ Are overworked and underpaid, simply not seeing the return on your efforts and have started losing love for your mission.

✓ Feel consumed by the day to day operations and don't have the time to work on long-term business goals.

✓ Lack the knowledge to identify challenges within your business and the confidence to make critical business decisions.

✓ Feel alone in business because you don't have allies and reliable experts you can lean on for support.

✓ Are cash trapped and confused. You avoid looking at your numbers because you don't know how to interpret them, leaving you at odds with your unpredictable financial situation. 

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Hey, I'm Robert Gauvreau, an award-winning FCPA, Founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, best-selling author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur, and creator of the Million Dollar Year Peak Performance Program.

I’ve invested my life in helping ambitious entrepreneurs - just like you - amass fame, wealth and fortune in their business. I’ve made it my mission to help entrepreneurs create more impact through their businesses to help change the world. 

This is my singular passion. 

It’s what’s fueled my drive to create one of Canada’s fastest growing companies 3 years running. And for the last 5 years we’ve been growing at a staggering 312%. 

Taking part in our Million Dollar Year Discovery Call will help you uncover what is holding you and your business back and how you can accelerate results using my Financial Mastery Model.

So if you've got the hunger. You've got the drive.

You can see the possibility. 

You WANT your business to thrive.

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