Free Guide For Small Business Owners

Make More Money and Gain Financial Clarity in Your Business

In this free guide you will learn how to:  

✓ Build a roadmap for realizing financial results
✓ Clarify and organize your finances
✓ Maximize wealth accumulation
✓ Effectively grow your business
✓ Improve your cash flow
✓ Structure your business to save on taxes
✓ ... and so much more!


6 Things You’ll Learn From The Wealthy Entrepreneur

“The risk of failure as an entrepreneur can be all but eliminated if you ensure that the financial foundation of your business is planned for, expectations are outlined and the financial results are consistently monitored.” – Robert Gauvreau

Plan Mapping & Goal Setting

Realizing extraordinary financial results starts with outlining your goals, creating a map of how to get there and identifying the critical drivers within your business.

Growing & Maximizing Profit

Revenue doesn’t equal profits. Understand how to grow your business’s revenue and maximize your business’s profitability to ensure future sustainability.

Minimizing Costs

Maximizing your financial wealth starts with minimizing your costs using proactive methods to reduce your tax liability to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

Staying Accountable

Learn how to share your vision with your team,  so they adopt and contribute to its realization. A company culture of tracking progress and celebrating successes drives results.

Optimize Your Cash Flow

One of the most overlooked pitfalls. Learn how to structure your business, the must-have tools, and expert tips to optimize your cash resources to ensure a sustainable, positive cash flow.

Growing Your Wealth

Understand what investment and revenue generation strategies to use to turn your business earnings into wealth creation and establish a path to realizing financial freedom.

Taki Moore

Taki Moore

Founder @ Million Dollar Coach

"I have the distinct pleasure of working with the greatest coaches in the world, and when it comes to business finances, Bob Gauvreau is the authority in helping entrepreneurs achieve financial clarity and drive extraordinary profits in their business. Many coaches I train have worked with Bob to implement his Wealthy Entrepreneur framework and have exponentially grown their profitability to achieve unprecedented financial results. If you haven't done so, you need to read this book and implement this framework into your business and your coaching communities. Even better, bring Bob and his team in to get you and those you work with even greater results in a short period of time."

Giovanni Marscio

Giovanni Marsico

Founder/CEO @ Archangel

"If you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale and want clarity and confidence when it comes to the finances of your business, you absolutely need to read this book. I lead a global community of entrepreneurs and one of the greatest roadblocks we all face is around business financial literacy, understanding our numbers, and the relationship of financial metrics to business performance. By reading this book and implementing Bob’s frameworks, it’s like having a roadmap to success and bigger impact while others are racing in the dark. Don’t take this journey alone – you need Bob as your guide!"

Chris Winfield

Chris Winfield 

Founder @ Super Connector Media

Bob Gauvreau is a miracle worker... not only has he made accounting and finance easy for this entrepreneur (who 'hates' math) to understand but he also made me look at it as a way of bettering myself (and my business)! I have the great pleasure to help entrepreneurs and influencers to share their expertise on a grand scale, and when it comes to business finances, Bob is the go-to authority in this space. If you are serious about the financial success of your business, this is a great place to start. Get this book and be prepared to turn your business into a profit center!"