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Episode 26: Innovating on a Shoestring: Resourcefulness for Small Business Success with Ken Chen

Episode 26: Innovating on a Shoestring: Resourcefulness for Small Business Success with Ken Chen

business entrepreneur entrepreneurship innovation podcast small business Dec 12, 2023

Join us in this week’s episode as we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship with our distinguished guest, Ken Chen. Ken, a celebrated figure at Trent University School of Business and a beacon of entrepreneurial wisdom, shares invaluable insights drawn from his rich experiences.

In this enlightening episode, Ken discusses the profound concept of "being the CEO of you." He explores how this philosophy applies not just to business leaders but to everyone aspiring to take charge of their life and career. He reflects on his time at Trent University, where he interacted closely with students, instilling in them the essence of self-leadership and resilience.

The current trend in entrepreneurship and business education emphasizes self-leadership, urging individuals to apply strategic thinking and leadership skills to their personal and professional lives. This approach, adopted by institutions like Trent University, empowers individuals to navigate their careers and personal growth with the vision and acumen of a CEO.

In the entrepreneurial world, this mindset is crucial for navigating uncertainties and resource constraints. It fosters resilience, adaptability, and creativity, essential traits for success in the constantly evolving business landscape.

Educational programs incorporating these principles prepare students not just for professional roles but for a life of strategic self-direction and personal development. This holistic approach to success equips individuals to excel in both their personal and professional endeavors, ready to tackle the complexities of the modern world.

If you're keen to uncover the secrets of becoming your own CEO, mastering resilience, and innovating with limited resources, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now!


Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 05:17 Managing Unpredictability in Business
  • 09:24 Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Risk-taking
  • 15:41 Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Growth
  • 20:22 Resourcefulness and Creativity in Entrepreneurship
  • 27:03 Entrepreneurship, Resources, and Finance
  • 31:49 Entrepreneurship, Resilience, and Innovation 

About the Guest:

Dr. Ken Chen is an esteemed Assistant Professor at Trent University Durham, where he enriches the academic community with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Holding a Ph.D. from Lazaridis School at Wilfrid Laurier University and a B.B.A. from Schulich School at York University, Dr. Chen is a distinguished scholar in his field. His teaching interests are diverse, encompassing strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship, new venture development, as well as managerial and market research. Dr. Chen's research is equally impressive, focusing on dynamic capabilities, networks, organizational learning, strategic entrepreneurship, collaborative innovation, technology platforms, and business models. He has made significant contributions to his field through various publications, including a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing and presentations at esteemed conferences like the 2019 JPIM Research Forum. 


Connect with Ken Chen:




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